DCS PC585 alarm system and Envisalink installation with intregation to Openhab

Envisalink installation

Envisalink is an addon board from http://www.eyezon.com that enables DSC alarm systems to communicate via IP network. The tutorial focuses on configuring it to work with Openhab.

Install Envisalink according to the installation manual from the manufacturer: https://www.eyez-on.com/EZMAIN/Images/envisalink3/Envisalink3QuickStartEyezOn.pdf

Note that the DCS 585 is an old alarm system that does not have the "RED" and "BLK" connectors. In this case the connection is done to "+AUX" and "-AUX" like this





Envisalink installed in the DSC housing.

After installation go to the Envisalink webpage and see if its working. Keypad and its LEDs should be in the same status as the zones in the web page.

Next you can move on to Openhab configuration.

Openhab Configuration

Start by installing the Openhab DSC alarm binding and following its well documented Configuration guide: https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/DSC-Alarm-Binding

What I configured was a very simple sitemap with the panel info and zones including Door sensors and motion detectors with status (excuse the Finnish in the screenshots).

Any of these zones can be used in Openhab rules for whatever you need, let your imagination go wild. The Openhab mobile GUI works pretty well too, easy to turn alarm on/off.