This site is about home automation using

  • Low cost hardware like Raspberry PI, Tellstick Duo and Eyezon Envisalink module for DSC alarm system

  • Free Open Source tools like Openhab, Cacti and Nagios

  • Free or low costs web services such as Dropbox and Google Sites

Upcoming tutorials

    • Openhab with Tellstick Duo

    • Openhab with EyezOn Envisalink module integrated with a DSC alarm system

    • Garage door monitoring with Tellstick and Nexa Wireless sensors

    • Lighting control with Tellstick and Nexa wireless switches and Astro binding

Hourly updated graphs of Greenhouse temperatures and webcam picture. If you are wondering about the low temperatures, its because the location is in western Finland in the city of Pori. Click on images to enlarge.

Image of the water meter dials, taken every 5 minutes for reading and a Cacti graph of consumption